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Senior Picture, 1997

In Brian's Boat
August 2001

In Aspen with Mom, Dad, Oma, and Deanna. 
July, 2001

Hanging out on the beach,
Oldenburg, Germany
Juni 2001


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Chronology of some of my life's events
The big stuff anyway.

(Since 1993, some events link to pictures, stories, and other web sites.)

   Jonathan Kraft


Upset at the Chuck 'E' Cheese shootings and violence in general, started anti-violence newspaper, "Tomorrow's Leaders for Peace."

Active participant in World Youth Day, sung on stage for the Pope's visit to Colorado in front of 475,000 people!


Tore tendon in left ring finger during two-a-day football practice.

Traveled to Rome, Italy to sing for Pope John Paul II with the John Paul II Youth Chorale.

Tendon replacement surgery, ring finger on left hand.


Played lacrosse for first time in life

Emergency Appendectomy surgery

September 27
Awesome 16th Birthday party!

October(-April 1996) 
First lead in a high school musical, played Rapunzel's Prince in Into the Woods.

Nominated most improved player, JV football


Family vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Traveled to New York and sung on Carnegie Hall stage

Vice President of National Honor Society

September 27
Awesome 18th birthday party

Visited Western State and Fort Lewis colleges, thinking I might attend college there

Christmas Letter 1997  (Reflection on the events of 1997)


Appointed Senior Class Vice president

Became member of Thespian Troupe 4999

Visited Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL., thinking I might attend college there

Hernia Surgery

Along with James Laguana and Greg Treco, awarded EHS' Top Male Vocalist award

Visited University of Northern Colorado, decided to attend school there

Awarded presidential pin from President Bill Clinton for over 1000 hours of community service in four years of high school.

CMEA conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Graduated High School

Traveled to Paris, France, for musical Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Moved into Harrison Hall, #343 North, and became a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado

September (-Summer 1999)
Started "Worst Job Of My Life" - Campus catering.  Job continued through Summer 1999.

Christmas Letter 1998  (Reflection on the events of 1998)


September (-August 2000) 
First real non-temp corporate job, worked at QwestDex as an Internet Advertising Consultant

Tore ACL tendon in right knee while skiing in Keystone

Christmas Letter 1999  (Reflection on the events of 1999)


Joined Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity as a founding father at UNC.  Vice-President until time in Germany, and again in fall 2001.

went to the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, Colorado, to become certified in massage therapy

General Manager, UNC Student Radio-KSRX

Christmas Letter 2000  (Reflection on the events of 2000)


January 2-5
Visited Brittany in Phoenix, AZ

January 5-10
Attended CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Lived in Oldenburg, Germany, becoming proficient in German and gaining a different perspective on my own life.

Started working at Lolly's Hallmark in Greeley.

Christmas Letter 2001  (Reflection on the events of 2001)


February 11
Met the beautiful Ms. Carrie Roll.   She's great!!!

Graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelors of arts degree in Human Communication.  Moved home to Aurora.

Traveled to China with my parents and sister.  Check out my Pictures of China

Accepted a teaching position at Frontier Academy, in Greeley, Colorado. 
(Yes, I actually voluntarily came back to Greeley.  It's a nice town!).

Became the web designer for Frontier Academy

Became the theater teacher for Frontier Academy. 
(I discovered that I really enjoy teaching theater!)

Christmas Letter 2002  (Reflection on the events of 2002)


Had welcome home party for Carrie

Celebrated Mom receiving her Master's Degree

Started marketing Pre-Paid Legal Services.
Find out more about how a Prepaid Legal Plan can help you and your family.

Started to help people find out how to make cheap phone calls locally, nationally, and internationally.

Directed Frontier Academy's first-ever full stage show A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Started to help people find information and help for legal issues.

Brian and Jamie's wedding

Carrie and I traveled to the Pre-Paid Legal Convention in Las Vegas, travel on to California, and come back through the Grand Canyon!  (See pictures)

August 31, 2003
Lost my good friend (and my cousin), Megan McGrew, at the age of 23.  See her tribute site

Started presenting to large groups of people on computer-related identity Theft, and Identity Theft protection.

October 23-26
Carrie and I traveled to New Orleans for the PPLWorld Convention.  Met up with my good friend Jason while there.

November 20, 21, and 22
Directed performances of Arsenic and Old Lace at Frontier Academy.

Pushed into making the difficult decision of not being able to teach theater (due to budget limitations of the school).  Decided to take Pre-Paid Legal and the Internet business(es) full-time.

Read more about it in the Christmas Letter 2003
Christmas Letter 2003  (Reflection on the events of 2003)


(Caveat: February 20, 2007 - I realize I haven't updated this page in 3 + years. So I started updating again.)



Begin marketing Pre-Paid Legal full-time, and continue attempting to build revenue-generating web sites.

Launch Identity Theft Secrets to share my knowledge about Phishing, Identity Theft, and fraud.  It becomes highly plagiarized and promoted.


Pre-Paid Legal Convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 7 
Deanna's Birthday @ D&B's

With the end of my apartment contract in Greeley, I decide it's time to purchase a home.  In the mean-time, I decide to move back home with my parents for a month or two while I attempt to figure it out.

Jun 1-Jun 5 
Carrie takes me on a surprise trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Jun 15-Jun 18
Travel to Nashville, TN, for Pre-Paid Legal PPLWorld Conference.  Hear Dr. Myles Monroe speak.

Brian, my older brother, discovers that the timing may be right for he and Jamie (my sister-in-law) to move to Texas and build their home.  So, we talk about the possibility of my buying their home.

I buy and read an e-book by Joel Comm called Adsense Secrets.  Implementing some of the things Joel talks about has a BIG impact on my Internet Marketing business.  (I file this under the category of "I wish I had known sooner", but thanks to help from Carrie, I've come to file it in "Think of all the future time you've saved".)

After looking at several (thousand) properties with Carrie's help, I ultimately decide to purchase Brian and Jamie's house.

Move in to the new house

Carrie and I decide make the trek to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2006
(based on a miscommunication - actually a funny story)

Oct 3. 2004  Ride the last ride of the old steam engine (now replaced by stinky Diesel) at the Georgetown Loop Railroad

Having been in my own house for nearly two months, it is time for a housewarming and Pumpkin Carving party


Based on entering a contest, I win a free ticket to the Affiliate Summit.  This event is a pivot point for moving things forward in my online marketing.  I meet amazing people at this event, including Joel Comm and Dave Taylor.

Have a really huge idea that I still haven't followed through on.

I start a web site for our summer travel and Kilimanjaro climb,

Travel to Oklahoma City for Pre-Paid Legal Convention.

Really realizing the expense of our trip, and knowing that our site is receiving big traffic numbers and will for some time, I come up with the idea that we could offset the cost of our climb by having sponsors for our trip.  We eventually pay for about $3500 of our trip with sponsorships on

Leave for 6 weeks of amazing travel.  Read and watch it at

June 29
Summit Mount Kilimanjaro.  Whoo-hoo!
Also, at the top of the mountain, propose to Ms. Carrie Roll.  She says yes.

July 4 - Return to the United States from Amsterdam.

Decide to start site where Carrie and I can talk about everything we're doing, separately and as a couple.

Back-to-back conventions in Las Vegas - first Pre-Paid Legal and then the World Internet Summit.  Both become absolutely amazing events for a variety of reasons.

Begin developing vague ideas around what will eventually become ShowMeHowToDoThis, officially launched February 22, 2007.

Travel to Destin, FL, for the wedding of Jason and Gina.  I have known Jason since 7th grade, and he is a great guy.  He has an amazing company called TotalProductivitySolutions.  If you need something done on the computer or programming-wise, they are the people you should call to get it done right.

Carrie and I spend Thanksgiving week in Texas with Brian and Jamie at their new (and beautiful) home. 


Read more about it in the Christmas Letter 2006
Christmas Letter 2006  (Reflection on the events of 2006)



Last minute invite from my friend Dave Taylor creates one-day trip to attend CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  Really awesome (and very short) trip to Vegas.

Return to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit.  Speak at Round Table discussions.

Travel to Oklahoma City for Pre-Paid Legal Convention.


Inexpensive calling advice for Europe to America and America to Europe

My version of the battle of the sexes
Read it here  (Funny!)

Study abroad/work abroad advice  
And over 1400 pictures of my time in Germany!

  What can you do with 2.9 cents?
Call the US from anywhere in the world.

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