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These are sites designed by people I know in real life or over the Internet on a more than acquaintance level.  Some of them have some great things to say, others have some great things to sell.  In any case, they're all great sites.  Why?  Because they're my friends' sites, of course!!!

friends picturesCarrie's Site
Carrie (the very cute one in the pink on the left - lots of other pictures of and stories about her on my site friends pictures), studied in Karlsruhe, Germany, in the Fall and Winter of 2002.  She also has started a web site called CarriesCalssics, helping people find great books and movies!

Adam with his girlfriend LauraAdam's Site
My brother Adam has done a lot of fun, cool, and interesting things!  He built this site to talk about his experiences while he studied in Freiburg, Germany and he built this site for his experiences.  Great pictures and commentary on his Germany experience!

Jason's site
Jason is my best bud and I've known him forever.  Well, not forever, but since 7th grade, so it seems like forever!  Anyway, This links to his site about him and his family, his life, his career, and all other things Jason.  Check it out!
Like so many other cool things about the Internet, the possibility for making friends and contacts is unlimited.  This is the website of Bruce Needhammer, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in New Jersey, who has become a friend through the power of online communication!  Check out his site to find out more!

Brittany's Merry Makers Site
Brittany is a balloon artist, performer, and all-around-fun girl in New York City.  She has been a friend of mine since we started writing letters in 1998!  Check out her site for a lot more information!

pictures of my friends - anneAnne's Personal Web Site
This is Anne's personal web site.  She is a good friend of mine who has traveled quite a bit and has put up this web site to share her experiences with anyone who's interested in reading all about it!


Julia Tobey as Belle in Beauty and the BeastJulia Tobey's Web Site
I have known Julia since... well, as long as I can remember.  We never really hung out much, but I got to perform with her a lot (she was my big sis Lucy in Charlie Brown!)  She's been just so darn successful that I couldn't help but link to her site.  Congratulations on all your accomplishments Julia!


Misti Burmeister
is an AWESOME MASSAGE THERAPIST and a wonderful friend!  She and I traded massage while in college at UNC, and I really am glad to call her a friend.  She is an inspiring and motivational presenter for groups all around the U.S.A.


Eric Sartori
I get to work with Eric Sartori
through the Prepaid Legal Business.  He is an awesome individual with so much insight and power.  You really should visit his Blog to find out more about him.  His Blog really makes me think and reflect on my own life, as good writing should do.


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