March 22, 2001-July 22, 2001

You can always tell a German, but you can't usually tell him much.


Index for Germany Photos
(Over 1400 pictures were taken in 4 months, so I'm still working on getting them all organized and online!)
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Kontakt Information fuer Studenten
Sommer 2001!

(Falls Ihrer Information ist nicht Korrekt, bitte schick mir eine email, und ich werde es korrigieren.)
Closing thoughts on my time in Germany
and my return home
Oldenburg History
This is a page which I built for a class I took in Oldenburg.  Oldenburg history from 1900-1935 or so.
A web site covering activities and parties in Northern Germany.  Includes an online personals section!

The two links below are some of the best places I know of on the web for inexpensive travel deals (Economy Travel) and inexpensive calling cards (Noblecom).  Hope you find them useful!

  What can you do with 2.9 cents?
Call the US from anywhere in the world.

Inexpensive calling advice for Europe to America 
and America to Europe

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