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Internet Affiliate Programs at is a page you will want to (CTRL+B) bookmark. 

This is my internet affiliate program review page and directory,
and offers you links to the best affiliate programs I know of.

Affiliate programs can really make your day!     Thanks for visiting!  My name is Jonathan.  I currently earn an extra monthly income from my web site's affiliate programs. 

I've never taken a class in web design, (or marketing for that matter).  I don't have any particular special training or degrees.  I am a college graduate (B.A. Human Communication) who is a part-time teacher and certified massage therapist.

I earn money from my internet affiliate programs, and will soon not have to teach or offer massage because of the income I'm generating from my affiliate links (but I'll probably offer massage part-time since people benefit so much from it).  If I can earn money from affiliate programs, you can too. 

If you have a web site, then you can use one (or more) of these programs to get set up with an online presence which earns you money.  (If you don't have a web site, start planning by sending a blank email to [email protected].  You'll get a free 5 day series which makes the process pretty simple to learn.)  Having affiliate programs can really make a difference in your monthly budget (and, in the long run, in your lifestyle). 

The first programs are the top internet affiliate programs, recommended for their ease of use, and (where noted) included training programs.  Any one of these programs is an excellent place for you to get a good start if you're just learning about affiliate programs, and each is a must have if you have been an affiliate or had an affiliate site for more than 6 months.

The next set of programs are the up-and-coming internet affiliate programs, which are either new on the affiliate program scene, or are new to me. 

The rest are explained with descriptions and are good programs, but are programs to add and become involved with after you have thoroughly explored the first two affiliate categories. 

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention that all of these programs are free to join.  I don't believe in paying someone just so that you can sell their products, and unless you're involved in a two-tier or multi-tier program, I would recommend not paying up front for an affiliate program.

Also, you may want to press Ctrl+D now.  That will bookmark these affiliate programs in your favorites list.  Otherwise you will forget to bookmark this page, and a month from now, or a year from now, you will find yourself wondering, "Now where was that super simple page with good information about affiliate programs?"  So, it's just a suggestion, but I would recommend pushing CTRL+D and bookmarking this affiliate programs directory page.

Everyone needs a calling card from time to time.  By signing up for this affiliate program through, you can make money every time someone buys a calling card from you or through your affiliate site. affiliate program
The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website.  It's an affiliate program which lets you sell some really great posters on your web site!  You can become an ecommerce specialist without knowing about all the background stuff to make ecommerce work. Link to and earn 20%-25% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. You can link to from a selection of over hundreds of thousands poster and art print images, as well as poster stores and mini stores. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit. It’s easy to sign-up, track your sales, and build links because the affiliate site generates all the HTML code for you.

Google Adsense. Unless you've been hiding in a cave, or are just getting started with affiliate programs, you have definitely heard about Adsense. Now, while Adsense isn't really an affiliate program per se, it gives you a great way to monetize your web site. Basically how the Adsense program works is that Adsense comes around to your site, sees what content is there on your page, and then pulls ads into your web page from its existing base of advertisers. People are making some serious money with the Adsense program. affiliate program
One of the newcomers on the scene, commission soup has established itself as a strong and worthwhile affiliate program.  Through this affiliate program you can offer your site visitors great credit cards, loans, legal advice, debt consolidation, and more, and you can earn commissions by helping other people to find great products and deals.  This may find its way into the top affiliate programs soon.

Click Here for Commission Junction
IMHO, this is the best affiliate program, or top affiliate program (whatever you want to call it) online right now.  Commission Junction's affiliate program is the best because they have such a comprehensive collection of high quality pay-per-performance affiliates/advertisers.  CJ also offers incredible ecommerce tools for tracking the traffic you have sent to the programs you're an affiliate for.

Click here to become a LinkShare Affiliate!
LinkShare is an ecommerce business solution.  They have an affiliate program which has numbers that are staggering (over 3.5 million online relationships). When you become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network, you can earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. affiliate program offers affiliates training.  It's a new affiliate program for me, but the program has been great!  When you are a part of their program, you have the company's marketing software, RAPS® (Reseller Affiliate Program Software).  They teach you how to market primarily through search engines.  This means that you won't get just website hits.  Your visitors will be consumers actively "seeking" that particular product or service. This website "seeker" traffic is 4-20 times more likely to purchase than the banner surfer. affiliate/associate program
The famous referral/affiliate/associate program was one of the first on the net.  The idea is this: you set up some links within a site which link to products.  When you are an affiliate, you make 5%-12% of the purchase price of that product.'s top referrers don't have jobs.  Why?  Because they make so much darned money for referring people.  Amazon really has a great program!

Before you go any further:

  • I would recommend sending an email to [email protected] It will send you a free 7 day marketing course which will teach you how to develop and design an effective, money generating web site.
  • Check out  There you'll be able to get an ebook which will set you miles apart from someone starting from scratch.  It's a great tool, and I wish I had had it when I started building online businesses.

German Affiliate Program (Deutsche Affiliate Programm)--zanox - Europas Affiliate-Network
Suchen Sie eine Affiliate-Network fuer deutschland oder Europa?  Hier ist Ihren Perfekten Auswahl!  Gueck mal bei zanox - Europas Affiliate-Network.



Affiliate program prepaid online lets you build a great program and affiliations!

Great affiliate programs at affiliate program
Shareasale is a great partner, like commission junction or icommissions, which gives you access to more of a variety of affiliate programs.  I am relatively new to this program, but it has potential to move up into the "top affiliate programs"

ClixGalore affiliate program
ClixGalore is listed in the up and coming affiliate programs simply because I have not been involved with them that long.  However, I can see that this program has great potential to help you earn high income from your website.  You can join for free at the clixGalore Affiliate Networks site.



Allclicks Affiliate program is a pay per click (ppc) program which will pay you for every click that is made off of your site to one of their sites.

The Auction Sellers Resource affiliate program
The Auction Sellers Resource has a great affiliate program for the products they offer.  They help online auctioneers to have better auctions through their products.  If your site has anything to do with people who use online auctions, you should sign up for this affiliate program. affiliate program
I've been more impressed with Clickthrutraffic since I've started receiving monthly checks from their affiliate program.  (Go figure!)  Clickthrutraffic is also a pay per click (ppc) affiliate program.  Affiliates get to choose a subject heading to link to and then affiliates are paid based on clicks relevant to the subject heading. affiliate program offers you the ability to build and promote products for some great merchants!  I found out about them because of an affiliate program I signed up for through an entirely separate merchant, and love this affiliate structure. affiliate program
affiliate program
is great!  You Use your affiliate referral link to encourage friends, colleagues, and other online buddies to join the program.  Every time they generate an order for, you make $5 as the affiliate. is an affiliate site, without a login or any particular sign up procedure.  Rather than being an intermediary like Commission Junction, it's more of a search engine for companies who have their own affiliate/associate/referral programs.  Probably for more advanced affiliate programmers, but very helpful!

If you are really serious about wanting to become involved in a great online business with affiliates, people working for you, and a steady income coming in, Cognigen is the business you are looking for.  I signed up for their program a while ago, and I am glad that I did!  The Cognigen affiliate sign-up is located on the right hand side of the directory page which loads, and they will walk you through all the processes necessary to develop your web site into a true ecommerce online business.

The best affiliate programs online affiliate program
I have no idea how many affiliates Click bank has, or how many programs you can sign up for to promote, I just know that like Linkshare and Commission Junction, Clickbank has many, many programs.  This is a great affiliate program and very easy to use to generate income from your site.  Also, if you have a product to sell, clickbank lets you sign up and accept credit cards on your site.
Powweb (my web host) resources page for finding the best affiliate programs.

Clickxchange's affiliate program
I find's affliate web site to be easier to use than clickxchange.  However, Clickxchange has many different advertisers than CJ, so check this one out too!

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