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I get several emails/day asking me how dial around plans work, so I have set up this page to explain the details.  The links for cards spread throughout this page will get you cheaper calling than simply calling from your phone.  The dial around plans will also get you cheaper calling, especially if you find the best one for the country you want to call!  The best calling cards are available through the search box above.

(As a side note, after you sign up for an inexpensive dial around plan, International Calling card advice is found throughout the calling advice pages.  One of the best international calling cards is found by using the International calling card search, highlighted in the teal/green below.)

Is a dial around plan cheaper than using my long distance service / calling card / VOIP ???

The answer depends.

Use this page to learn how dial around plans work.  It will save you lots of money in the long run!

Originally, the only dial around plan that I knew of for calling Europe or internationally was 1016868.  1016868 dial around plan offers 9 cents/minute calling to some countries, and some more expensive calling to others.  If you want to know the cost for 1016868 calls to various countries, the web site for the company which handles 1016868 is

However, because of my involvement with international travel and web sites I've built, I've found many other dial around plans.  I have listed the prices for a few countries alongside of the links on this site, but you can go to any of these sites, do a country search, and find out which one offers the cheapest rate for the country you want to call.  Your best bet, however, is to use the calculator to find the best rates.  If you spend a few minutes doing this, for most countries you will find a very cheap rate using one of these dial around services.


long distance phone callsCOGNIWORLD Long Distance Service
A world of telecommunications savings. No monthly fees, state-to-state calls starting at just 3.89 cents, 6-second billing and industry leading International rates highlight this money saving calling plan. Save with great rates any time, to anywhere in the world with COGNIWORLD.

dial around phone callsCogniDial Toll Free Dial Around (6.9 cents/minute inside U.S.A.)
CogniDial Toll Free Dial Around service features low international and interstate rates.  UK 6.8 cents per minute (cpm), Germany 8.5 cpm, Italy 10.9 cpm, Japan 10.9 cpm. There is no per-call surcharge. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments.

dial around phone callsKallcent$ Toll Free Dial Around
Kallcent$, by ITL, is one of the original toll free origination products in the world.  Kallcent$ offers great international and US rates, with special rate plans for many residents of Washington state. Unlimited FREE calling to the ITL Metro Expanded Free Calling Area (in qualifying areas - check the site for details).

dial around phone callsAccuDiaL
The AccuDial Around solution. There are no per call minimums or surcharges. The service offers the same low rate 24 X 7, with highly competitive International rates. AccuDial offers QuickDial, so making calls is fast and easy. UK 6.6 CPM, China 8.4 CPM, Germany 7.0 CPM, Mexico City 8.5 CPM, Rio 8.0 CPM, Moscow 7.4 CPM, Italy 7.2 CPM, France 6.2 CPM. The AccuDiaL dial-around service also works as a calling card - you can take it with you and use it from any other US phone.

dial around phone callsPNG Power Dial
PNG Power Dial Toll Free Dial Around.  Features LOW international and interstate rates There is no per-call surcharge, online signup. For commercial and residential users. Automatic credit card payment or pay by check. Six-second billing increments.

dial around plans phone calls plansGlobal Direct
Global Direct is a great choice for international calls from your cellular or home phone.  Telecom switch instantly determines the caller's identity and allows you to place calls quickly and inexpensively.  Register your cell phone, home or any phone on the same account, so you can take your service with you wherever you go.  No Monthly Fees of any kind. No "PIN" numbers to memorize. No Surcharges or Fees. Toll Free Customer Service Available. New Lower rates to Philippines, Russia, Brazil and China.

dial around phone calls plans

Cognigen also offers you a great business opportunity dealing with dial around numbers, calling cards and calling plans.  Click here to learn more.

What can you do with 2.9 cents? Call the US from anywhere in the world.


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