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I love my country.  Too many of us, as Americans, take for granted the freedoms and liberties which we enjoy every day of our lives.  Often we forget our blessedness because no one has told us how fortunate we are.  AMERICANS, you are fortunate!  Be patriotic!  Take the opportunities given to you in this wonderful country and around the world and make the best use of them! 

Let me offer words of caution as well.  Do not let your nationalism, patriotism, and love of country lead you to believe that the American way is the only way.  Globally, there are other ways to live, other cultures, other governments, other histories, and other people.  The rest of the world is not America, so don't shove America on others as the only way.  Also, when you travel abroad, don't expect everywhere to be America--it may just be that McDonald's and TV in English doesn't exist in the country you are visiting.  That's okay--you will survive!

Please learn the American system, learn how it differs from and is the same as other systems of government and culture.  Share it with other Americans.  Most of them don't know it.  Use it to the best of your own ability.  If you don't like it, work within the system and change it.  That's what the system is about.  That's why our patriotic and unruly forefathers designed the system the way that they did.  You can change the system if your desire is strong enough to do so.


On this page, I share my thoughts about my country.  The thoughts presented here include poems, stories, and my reactions to September 11

Other web sites about America which educate people about and celebrate this country are also listed here.  If you know of a site that should be listed here please email it to me.


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September 11th Poetry
It Could Have been Worse?

More to come.

My reflections on my four months spent in Germany A big file (8 Mg), but worth the wait over a high speed Internet connection.  An awesome tribute to the fallen of September 11th.


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