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This is basically the place where I put everything I wanted included in the links section, but didn't know where else to put it.  Enjoy!

Great Affiliate Programs for Webmasters

As seen on Television Infomercials and Ads Shop
Is an Internet storefront where you can shop for amazing popular consumer products you've already seen demonstrated and branded through millions of dollars of national and local TV advertising time.

Using this site, you can find free stuff from all over the net!  It's a great search tool.
Take Emode's Free Ultimate Personality Test! Becca showed me emode one time, and since then, I've gotten several other people hooked.  You can go here and take quizzes about yourself... the IQ one is the most fun to compare with other people (Bet I'm smarter than you- I scored 132!). 

The Twinkies project
Summary:  A couple of college guys got together and decided to run experiments on twinkies to see what different variables would do to the foam and fat cakes.

Find out what your name means by clicking here.

The meaning of my name:  Jonathan

buy & sell used cars, bikes, computers at ezClassifieds!

One of the best Classifieds sites around!  Check it out!


Free Translation
Summary: I use this site just often. It's an easy and comprehensive way to translate words, phrases, web pages, etc.
The Cool Site to find links to Crafts and Family Related Information.  A great directory for all kinds of crafts information.

Condomania has some great stuff!  Not just condoms either!
More about condoms

Sexual positions
Summary: There is nothing on here that is too inappropriate... however, parents may wish to not send their children off to this site. It's a very humorous look at something we would all stand to be a little more light-hearted about-- SEX!. I just can't believe some guy took the time to do this, but it's good for a laugh, and perhaps for some ideas!
(If you're looking for ideas, of course.)

My version of the differences between men and women and my thoughts on the battle of the sexes can be read here!

Battle of the sexes!
Summary: This site is great! Not recommended: viewing in a crowded computer lab or at work, unless you want everyone to wonder what you're at laughing at!

Visit Spencer Gifts "Pleasure Place" for all your intimate needs.

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Houdini's Hideway
Houdini's Hideway is kind of an odd, but very interesting and fun site on the web.  Check it out if you have some time and want to be entertained!
Well, I don't really know what to say for this guy.  I've never met him, but his site seems interesting.  He linked to my Roads Theory, so I figured that the least I could do was provide him a link back.  He calls his site Random Jedi, but it seems to have an overall Bond Motif.  Go check it out for yourself to see more.


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