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Advice and tips for study abroaders and exchange students

tips for

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is loacted on this page.

When you want to study abroad, or be an exchange student

you have come to the right place.


Inexpensive airfare, Inexpensive car rentals, Cheap calling prices! From America to Europe, from Europe to America. From America to Germany, and Germany to America.  From China to America and America to China.
Advice for study and travel abroad

Low cost airfares and inexpensive travel also listed here

Focus in Europe: France, Germany              Focus in Asia: China

The Phones and the Internet
Jonathan's top ten tips for the cheapest traditional communication (cheap phone call tips mostly) and inexpensive calling between America and Europe, as well as calling within Europe.

Jonathan's VOIP page
What is VoIP?  It lets you make a phone call from your computer to anywhere in the world!  I pay only 4 cents per minute to call anywhere in Europe!  Cheap rates for countries around the world. 
Clicking will take you to a page with tips on the cheapest rates, not only on VoIP, but on calling cards, dial around plans, and even local and national long distance within America.

exchange student and study abroaders survival kitThe Exchange Student Survival Kit
by Bettina Hansel and Bettina Gregory
If you are going abroad anywhere, this book has all kinds of great information for study abroaders and exchangers to thrive off of! 
Helpful information about adjusting to life as an exchange student. It has checklists for packing, tips about avoiding cultural mishaps, personal stories, and the stages of getting used to being abroad.  Everything is easy to find and written clearly.  A must have for exchange students!

Travel Tips for Paris!
Includes phone numbers for some of the most commonly visited places in Paris and a top ten list of things you should definitely do in Paris (actually 14 tips, along with some nice pictures of Paris which I photographed)
viewable here

Travel Tips for Germany
My photos from Germany
(over 1400 pictures taken over four months), along with travel tips for Germany, stories about funny things which happened to me when I lived there, and my reflection on the time overall


Travel Tips for China
My pictures from China (over 300 photos taken over twelve days)
along with travel tips for China, and stories about all kinds of translation issues
viewable here

Low International airfares, inexpensive plane tickets, cheap rates for car rentals, and inexpensive air travel links are here.  The sites below are where I find the most deals for study abroaders and exchange students.  They are the cheap airfares which can often be found on these travel web sites.  Definitely comparison shop!  Different sites have different prices for airfare at different times of the year and during special promotions.  In short, no one site is ever your best bet for finding the best travel deal.  Try a few and find the one with the best priced airfare for your study abroad/exchange country.

 17 Countries by Eurail Pass

Foreign Language Courses
Offered by, offers you a great way to learn a foreign language on your own.

Students!!! Save now with the ISE Card.
Discounts on hotels, transportation, museums and more all over the world.

If you're a serious traveler, you'll appreciate Magellan's Catalog.

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Essays about why people should study abroad as exchange students
essays on travel in general

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