Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Pictures from the 2001 North American Food Drive

Pictures from the 2000 North American Food Drive

Pictures of the 2001 Finals Week Barbecue



UNC Student Radio - KSRX

     I started off as a DJ here in the fall of 1998.  From there, I became an advertising representative, earning more than had ever been earned through advertising for the station prior to that.  The next year, I became the head of advertising for the station.  It was during this time that I researched and found the sky-2000 transmitter, which gave the station its first-ever actual radio wave broadcast.  Prior to that, the station only broadcasted via campus cable.  The following year, I was elected General Manager.  In my time as General Manager, the staff and I worked to get more listeners for the station.  We set up channel three in the dorms, and developed an Internet Broadcast which gave us access to a worldwide audience.  I learned a lot in my time as a volunteer here.


UNC's Newspaper
The Mirror

I worked for the Mirror officially only one semester, but wrote articles in the paper throughout my time at UNC.  Some of them can be found here.

Men's Glee Club &
Concert Choir

My first three years at UNC, excluding my time in Germany, I was a member of Men's Glee Club.  During my senior year at UNC, I have been a member of Concert Choir.  Both have been great singing experiences which I have enjoyed!.




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