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Stereotypes Web Site
This site is very funny, so I would have put it into the fun and funny web sites, but I like the way they designed it so that you can swap heads and bodies.  Very funny!  Check it out!

What is your IQ? Take this free online IQ Test to find out! (Fun!)
This is offered by  If you haven't checked out emode already, it's a great site with hundreds of different quizzes you can take to learn more about yourself.  It's quite fun to do!

Find your house (Scary)
Look at satellite and aerial photos of your house or neighborhood online. Whoa!

Dreams2 is one of the best designed sitesDreams2 (Cool)
Summary:  This site is recommended for those who have a lot of time and a lot of bandwidth on their hands.  It is a demonstration of some of the coolest things going on right now with flash web design.


Whitney has one of the best designed sites (awesome)
I wish someone had gotten me started on web design earlier so I could be as good as Whitney. Her web design skills are awesome and I enjoyed my visit to her site very much!   I  hope you enjoy your visit to her site as much as I did.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!
 Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways!  But seriously, if you want an awesome online service, Paypal is it.  It lets you accept credit card payments from anyone with an email address, and congruently, lets you send credit card payments to anyone with an email address.  You can transfer money between bank accounts at separate banks without incurring fees, and you get $5.00 free just for signing up.
Came across this page one day.  I thought the layout was nice!

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