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Perhaps you have not gotten a chance to look around my site and find out more about who I am.  If you have, I appreciate the time you've taken.

In any case, I have put up these pages as a place where I offer my recommendations on things which can improve your life.

How do I know that these things will improve your life?  Well, because they have improved mine, and drawing from my experience as a massage therapist, communication researcher, web designer, translator, teacher, and student, I truly believe that they can have as positive of an impact in your life as they have in mine.

The button to the left will take you to the main page of this site (if you haven't yet been there) and the email link will send me an email.  I invite you to do either/both.

Thank-you again for your visit!  Many happy travels to you and those who you contact. is hosted for only $7.77/month at: Many of the links you will find within the recommended section will allow you to make a purchase directly from:

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