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Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter 2006
(A reflection on 2006)
Christmas Letter 2005
(I never wrote a Christmas Letter in 2005.) Knowing all the things I now know about Christmas letters, I really wish I had.
Christmas Letter 2004
(I also never wrote a Christmas Letter in 2004.) Again, I wish I had.
Christmas Letter 2003
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Christmas Letter 2002
(A reflection on 2002)
Printer-friendly version
Mom and Dad's Christmas Letter 2002
Christmas Letter 2001
(A reflection on 2001)
(Printer-friendly version)
Christmas Letter 2000
(A reflection on 2000)
             (Printer-friendly version)
Mom and Dad's Christmas Letter 2000
Christmas Letter 1999
(A reflection on 1999)
Christmas Letter 1998
(A reflection on 1998)
Christmas Letter 1997
(A reflection on 1997)

     Every year, I write a letter at the end of the old year or the beginning of the new year which tells about my life and what I've done that year. Generally I get the letter actually sent out some time in late January or early February. 

Clicking on the links to the left will let you read this year's letter or letters from years past!

I also get a lot of people on this page asking me for tips on how to write Christmas letters, so I put together some simple tips that you can get by putting in your name and email address below.  If you're here to learn some simple tips for how to write Christmas letters, go ahead and use the box below.  (The tips will come to your inbox.)

(You can also ask me any question you want about writing your own Christmas letter.)

I don't spam or share your information ever.  Period. 


Thank-you for visiting!  I hope you have a very wonderful year!





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