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Ways to keep in touch when placing long distance phone calls within America

After having a lot of success helping people find the cheapest rates on calling internationally, I decided to put up a page with information about the cheapest long distance rates when calling within America.

As with the international calling page, the advice for the cheapest calling within America can be found on this page.  If you want the best rates on cheap international and national calling cards, as well as airfares, be sure to check out the links on this page marked with a .

1.  Do call
Use a calling card!  Contrary to popular belief, the phone company will not give you very good rates on calling nationally or internationally.  Chances are, if you're using one of the big phone companies, (AT & T, MCI WorldCom, Qwest, etc) you are not getting the cheapest rates for calling within America. 

To get the cheapest rates, check out the links to the right, or use the international calling card search below.  I have highlighted the best national rates on phone cards that I know of.  If you know of any others (or have had any problems with any of these) please use the email link at the bottom of this page and email me.

Note:  Not calling is not recommended and not a good idea if you want people to think you're still alive.  If you are faking your own death to escape a crazy ex, AT&T bill collectors, over-involved parents, or defaulted student loans, then not calling is okay.  Otherwise, call your people.  They'll love to hear from you.

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4 cents / minute Long Distance!

4.5 cents /minute Unlimited Long Distance at!     national long distance graphic 1

2.  Have your loved ones set up a 1-800 #.

I don't know really anything about this.  Talk to AT&T or Qwest if you want to try it.  I would however recommend the using calling card over this.  Calling with a calling card within America may seem a bit ridiculous when you're calling from your own home, but if it saves you 5 cents or more per minute, isn't it worth it?  Especially for calls that you're making from someone else's home?



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3Get a cell phone

Sprint PCS, even though some people complain about the company, has a great plan for nationwide long distance.  You have probably heard about the all digital, nationwide network from that wierdo guy in the TV ads.  It works like this... you pay your monthly fee for a certain number of minutes during the day and a certain number of minutes during nights and weekends, and then your calls are not charged additionally for any long distance calls you make.  It's a good plan if you make a lot of long distance calls, especially nights and weekends.

Note:  Be careful not to exceed your minutes.  Sprint does not offer you much graciousness when you exceed your time limit.  I think my charges when I go over at something like 10 cents/minute, but I've heard it can be much more.

Find the BEST RATES at
           4 cents / minute Long Distance!

  What can you do with 2.9 cents? Call the US from anywhere in the world.  

4. You can always use 1016868

There are dial arounds Cheaper than 1016868.
More information here

Just like with international calls, 1016868 works for calls within America.  
To use this in the states, you have to call from a phone which is registered to someone (can't be a pay phone), and it can't have long distance blocking on the service. 

Calling Nationally
Dial 1016868 first.  Then dial 1, and the number.  Simple as that.  An example would be 1016868 + 1+(303) 555-5555

(Calling internationally)
Dial 1016868 first.  Then the international calling number (011 from the US), then the country code, then the phone number.  So calling Germany would go something like this.  1016868, then 011, then 49, then the number. 
Without this number, dialing long distance to Germany directly, my parents were charged over (overcharged) $1.00/minute.  When they used this number, it became 9 cents/minute.


I have purchased tickets through both of these sites, and both of them offer rates lower than the airlines' web sites.

    Cheap Airline Tickets!                                                        

5. 10-10-220  (Other dial arounds are cheaper than 10-10-220)

If you haven't seen the ads, you either don't have a TV, don't turn your TV on, or are somewhere in hiding.  (Living with Elvis no doubt--not that there's anything wrong with that...Elvis was a great performer; it's just that he's dead now.)  1010220 is supposed to save people a buck or two--that's what the advertisements say.  I've used it, and it's convenient, but the calling cards are still generally cheaper.  If you don't have a good (and I emphasize good because there are lots of bad ones out there) calling card like the ones offered on this page and can't get access to one, either 10-10-220 or 1016868 can be good.  However, if you want to save more money on international calling, you should get your own dial around number.


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