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Ever have one of those days?  One of those days where you just need to mellow out and relax, but can't because too much is going on? Or maybe you were exercising and injured yourself and would like have body work done in order to allow yourself to get back to your normal routine. Perhaps you have been feeling a little boxed in by your life!

     Whatever the reason, you are here because you need A GREAT Massage.  I can help you!   

        Hi!  My name is Jonathan Kraft.  In March of 2001, I completed a 500 hour certification program in order to become a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT).  I received my certification from the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

     You can relax, knowing that I'm well-experienced and enjoy helping people through the relaxation, healing, and overall improvement offered by massage.  I have been a practicing massage therapist since 2001 (in both Colorado and Germany).
Denver, Colorado Certified Massage Therapist, scar tissue healer, and deep tissue expert

Jonathan Kraft
Certified Massage Therapist
(Serving clients like you since 2001)


Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about scheduling your massage that aren't answered on this page.  I will do my best to answer your questions - if the line is busy or you get voice mail, please keep trying, or leave a message and I will call at my earliest availability.

You can learn more out what kinds of massage services are offered and the cost of services by clicking the links on the left.  If you have already scheduled a massage and need to fill out a client intake, or make a payment online, you can do that all from this page.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment, I can be reached via email or phone.  However, make sure you schedule soon. May 2009 appointment times are already booking up quickly.

Thanks again, and I look forward to our appointment!        

Jonathan Kraft, CMT

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    Swedish Massage

A gentle to firm, soothing massage using long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on muscles. Improves your blood circulation and helps relieve muscle tension. You will feel relaxed and energized.

    Deep Tissue Massage

Incorporates specific techniques to effectively relieve all layers of muscle affected by chronic pain and tension build up. Great for people who want the benefits of a Swedish massage, combined with a firm hand to work chronic knots.


There is little doubt that we are beings of energy.  That is why you often hear people say things like, "Iím feeling so drained today." Or when someone praises you for something well-done, think about the surge of energy you felt from that experience.  Or think about a time when you didnít do something or go somewhere because it just didnít Ďfeelí right.  Those are all energetic experiences.  Polarity work is an energy balancing massage--Gentle touch intended to recharge and cleanse your body and spirit.This technique incorporates verbal reflections and feedback.

    Body Insight

A type of deep massage developed by Gary Salinger of the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Muscles have memory.  That is why people, over time, develop patterns of walking, standing, sitting, running, and basically every movement we do.  With all the thinking that the brain has to do every second of every day, we do not often take much time to notice our own patterns of movement.  Body insight works at a deeper level within the muscle, to reset the length of that muscle. This is accomplished through movement done by the client and by the therapist.

    Pre/Post Natal Massage

A gentle massage given to help reduce stress, anxiety and many of the physical discomforts which can be experienced during and after pregnancy.

    Sports Massage

Specific movements designed to reduce injuries, alleviate inflammation, and warm up muscles before and after training or events. Helps to prevent, or accelerate recovery from, sports related injuries.

    Postural Correction

As part of my training, I was shown how to see deviations in posture.  What this technique does is examines your patterns of movement, and brings them to your attention.  (Often, simply having an awareness of your posture can cause you to work to change it.)  What I do to supplement that awareness is to work certain muscle groups so that these postural deviations can be corrected.

    Deep Breathing

No one will disagree with the simple fact that oxygen is absolutely crucial to our survival.  And in fact, the more good, clean oxygen that we get, the better we think, process food, run, walk, and do all the movements and actions of our everyday life.  When our breathing becomes more shallow, we inhibit every one of our daily tasks from being performed as well as they should be.  This technique, used during most massage sessions, works to help you recognize your own breathing patterns and work to breathe more effectively.

    Breakdown of scar tissue 

Because surgery is invasive, people will often mentally neglect and even reject the part of the body which was operated on.  What this generally means is that people will not touch or even take much notice of the part of the body where they had the operation.  What then happens is that the part of the body which was operated on will not be moved much or worked with, and thick scar tissue can develop.  This type of massage aims at working to break down the scar tissue, because scar tissue can restrict movement and can also create unnecessary pain.


Hydrotherapy is something which most Americans already do in some form.  When you have a sore muscle, you will get out the heating pad.  When you have sore joints, you may get out an ice bag.  Sometimes, muscles become so tight that they are "as hard as a rock."  When a therapist ices a muscle, it can cause the muscle to become numb, allowing a therapist to work into a muscle without causing a client pain.  Similarly, heat can bring blood and nutrients into an area, causing a muscle to open up.  I use hydrotherapy in treatments, including use of hot tub sessions prior to massage.


With A Great Massage, you get a spa or therapeutic center quality treatment at a fraction of the cost.  I charge $65/hour for all treatments.  5-10 minutes in the hot tub before a treatment is an additional $5.

Package Discounts:

Get 4 massages for $245.  That's a savings of $15 on 10 massages.
Get 10 massages for $605.  That's a savings of $60 on 10 massages.
(Massages purchased in packages are available in the form of gift certificates.  Please let us know whom the gift certificates should be delivered to.)


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If you are a first-time client or if it has been more than 6 months since your last visit, please fill out this client intake form and bring it with you to your appointment.


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