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Alice sat down and began to cry.
She felt she wasn't getting anywhere.
"Where do you want to go?" asked the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know," replied Alice. "I just want to go somewhere."
The grinning cat replied, "Then it doesn't make a difference which road you take.  Does it?"  
by visiting strive 4 impact com, you are having an impact and making a difference!

You can have an impact and also make a difference at

-Standard Links-
     There are several methods for getting around at  The first is the most basic, by clicking the links at the bottom of the page you are currently on.

-Scrolling Menu-
     On some strive4impact pages (particularly the ones that seem to scroll forever), in addition to the links at the bottom, you will notice that there is a small logo which floats down the screen with you (on the right hand side).  If you roll your mouse over this graphic, you will see a menu appear. 
     Try rolling over the dark 'navigate' graphic in the lower right hand corner of this page.  A menu appears with links from this page ('Main Page', 'Photos', and 'Welcome Page').  This graphic scrolls along with you as you scroll the page!  Most of the long scrolling pages have this so that from anywhere in the page, you can roll over the image and decide where you do want to go.

     On most of the individual photos pages (ie. the pages with dates at the top of them), Keylauncher will take you where you want to go.  On these pages, pressing different letters on your keyboard will take you to different places.  Of course, the most likely links are still listed at the bottom on each page.  The letters you can push on the pages equipped with Keylauncher are:

m=Main Page
N=Navigation Tips (ie. this page)
J=Jonathan (ie. Chronology of my life page)

    For an example of how this works, open October 28th (carving pumpkins in Aurora) and push any of these letters on your keyboard.

     As for the text links on the bottom of many pages in this site, they link to the same places mostly.  Here is a description of what's on each.  (This is a written version of the visual site map which I will create for this site soon.)

Main Page -- This is the strive 4 impact main page entrance.  It gives you an intro to strive 4 impact and tells you the most recent updates within this site.  It also links to pages more difficult to find elsewhere on this site. Welcome -- One of the most important pages on strive 4 impact .com.  Offers an FAQ explaining the site's purpose and other answers to your questions.
Activities  -- Anything that is not UNC (Univ. of Northern Colorado) Activities related that I'm involved with. (Swing Dance for example.) UNC -- Everything I'm involved with that is  UNC Activities related, like UNC Student Radio, German Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, etc.
Change the World/Impact  -- One of the most important pages on strive 4  Gives you resources for how to make a difference in the world, in your community, and for yourself. Photos -- Since I've started taking pictures with a digital camera, I have become a picture nut!  More than 2,000 pictures (and counting), as well as stories of my friends, family, and experiences.
Resume -- Are you my future employer?  Find out if I'm qualified. Web Design -- A demonstration of sites that I have built.  If you would like a very inexpensive way to get your business on the Internet, contact me.
Massage -- I'm a Certified Massage Therapist.  Learn more about me and what I offer for therapy.  If you are in Colorado or will be contact me for an appointment! Recommendations -- Links to strive 4 impact's recommended everything, including unique and useful web sites, great books, entertaining movies, advice for driving, etc.
Letters -- At the end of every year (Since 1997), I write a letter of reflection on the year past.  They can be read here. Jonathan Kraft -- This is a Chronology of my life's events, with links to several places within this site.

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