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Cheapest hosting and great customer service with Powweb


I know, I'm an Internet geek.  Well, maybe not an Internet geek per se, but more of a pseudo-Internet geek.  I didn't get interested in computers until my senior year of high school (1998 - when I was lucky if I could find the power switch and get into Microsoft Write), and it has been one big game of trying to catch up and keep up ever since.  So I'm not an Internet geek exactly, but I spend a good portion of my life on a computer, and if that computer happens to not be connected to the Internet, I get quite frustrated, because it means I can't visit any of the sites listed below, which I visit almost daily.  (Okay, okay, so I'm an Internet geek.)
The best search engine ever!
Make money using your web site
Still the best email provider for free email...but be forewarned, they do sell addresses to advertisers, so you can sometimes get an email box which ends up flooded with junk mail.
Get a counter for your web site and know who is visiting your pages, how they get there, and how long they're staying.  I check mine daily, probably just because I'm kinda' neurotic like that.  Hey, there's nothing wrong with getting excited when half of your traffic for the day comes from Singapore!
If you haven't started using Paypal yet, you're missing out!  It's the online service that lets you send money AND RECEIVE MONEY!  You can transfer money to and from any person with an email address, and the money will deposit into your bank account once you get it set up.  It's a great service.  I've had my account for over 2 years!

Find great deals on books at
And not just books!!! This is another site that if you haven't started using, you're missing out. lets you buy and sell anything that other people are selling.  It's like the world's largest garage sale, and it's awesome!  You can get a lot more for textbooks here than by selling them back to the store, that's for sure.
One of the places I use for my online affiliate programs.  This site is probably the best collection of online pay-per-performance advertisers I know of.  CJ also offers incredible tools for tracking the traffic you have sent to the advertisers.
The famous referral set up some links on your site which link to products and make 5%-12% of the purchase price of that product.
My web host often has news and announcements, so I go to their forum to find out more.  By the way, if you want a great web host, you should check out powweb.  I've been with them for many years, and in that time, have had 3-4 minor problems which have been resolved within 24 hours.  Tell them that sent you.

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