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THE BEST SITES FOR WORLD, NATIONAL, AND STATE TRAVELERS.  Go traveling, be a traveler, see the world.

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  Free Translation
Being that I'm a German teacher, I use this site pretty often. It's an easy and comprehensive way to translate words (before travel or while traveling), phrases, web pages, etc.  Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German
Click to view travel pictures of my traveling in Germany, France, and China
Europe for visitors and
This is a great site with many links to articles and helpful travel information all over the web.
What can you do with 2.9 cents when you travel? Call the US from anywhere in the world.
Has some really awesome stories and pictures from people's travels all over the world.  A great place to start finding information about the place where you are traveling from the first-hand experience of people who have been there. is a directory of links to travelogues. also recommends travel guides, offers travel information, and provides links to a currency converter and translation tools.


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Phone cards, sunglasses, and binoculars are some things you may have forgotten to get, but depending on where you're traveling, you may need them.

ZapTel Phone Card Superstore Button     Find the best sunglasses for you at! offers low prices, name brands   


I have purchased travel tickets through the site below, and it definitely offers travel rates lower than the airlines' web sites.


Cheap Airline Tickets!

EconomyTravel.comThis is another one with some pretty good rates.


Do You need a Calling Card for when you go travel?
Do you need an inexpensive rate for a call you need to make from where you are now?
Try this search for some great calling cards and great rates!

instant messengers on the cheapest international calling card rates (picture 1)This I used quite a bit while in Germany.  Both of my brothers have MSN Instant Messenger, some friends ofinstant messengers help when traveling mine from school use Yahoo IM, and some people I met in Germany use ICQ.  Whichever you decide to use, these programs allow you to chat with one or more peoplinstant message people when you travele in a real time typed (and now voice) conversation via the Internet.  Instead of calling long distance, even though it is very, very cheap, if you've paid your Internet already, why pay for long distance calls too?  You can share files, pictures, viruses (let's not do that), and keep in touch with people at the touch of a button.  Quite awesome!


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