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This is the section of Strive4Impact.com, where you can read, every day, something I wrote since I was 13 years old (1993).  Some of it's adolescent angst, but some of it is quite good, and I hope you'll agree.  What are we up to now? Currently, my wife and I are traveling the world and blogging our experience.  We may have been somewhere you would like to go, or maybe we could come to meet you?  Either way, you may find our reviews and advice helpful.  Check it out at http://www.CarrieAndJonathan.com

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Experience In the Rain

July 18, 1995
Jonathan is 15

Last night I was outside and it began to rain, so I came inside. However, I'd forgotten something outside, so as I went outside, the pouring rain stopped immediately, as if just for me. As I opened the door to come back inside, the pouring rain began again. It was as though the rainstorm had stopped for me.

"Very cool," I said to myself.

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Perceptions Of Reality

Summer 1995
Jonathan is 15

Perceptions of Reality
The way I view the world
The way other people perceive me
The way we each see the world individually

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Letter To God: 26, June 1995

Jonathan is 15

Dear God,

As I'm sitting here tonight, I realize that I do believe in you much as I always have, but I'm trying to figure out how you fit into my life. I know you're in all around me, but maybe I'm unsure of how much control I want you to have in my life and so I suppress you. Help me not to do this.

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In Mexico on Love

June 14, 1995
In Mexico on Love
Jonathan is 15

In my life, whenever I go somewhere that I don't know many people, I am always on the lookout for love; subconsciously afraid that if I am not watching and looking, I may miss or mess up the chance... not by much, but I'll just barely miss it.

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Significance Found In Mexico

June 14, 1995
In Mexico
Jonathan is 15

It seems that on every trip I've taken, I have seen something so significant that it has made me feel insignificant.

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Thoughts On Plants And Purpose

May 26, 1995
11:40 PM
Jonathan is 15

When people walk into my room, they may notice many plants around. People often find this interesting and some find it strange. But I usually don't notice plants that way.

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Talking About My Generation - Stuck

May 1995
Jonathan is 15

Perhaps Dr. Jack Kevorkian does have the right to assist people in suicide. Perhaps he should be allowed to help them end their lives.
But if Dr. Kevorkian has the right to assist suicide, then perhaps suicide should be a legalized act. In fact, if there are going to be no laws against suicide, then perhaps there's nothing wrong with committing suicide.
But if there's no reason to say that suicide's wrong, perhaps then we should all end our lives at a time and place we choose.

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In this world there is a Peace

April 1995
Jonathan is 15

An eagle shot
A friend in trouble
And I can't find my love

Good hearted people
Volunteered time
In this world there is a Peace-Dove

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The Hypocrisy Of It All

April 1995
Jonathan is 15

The Hypocrisy Of It All

-People hate the world we live in, but only complain and do nothing more

-People want peace but argue and fight with each other over small issues

-People want others to create their hope for the future for them

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The Answer

April 1995
Jonathan is 15

"Is it really your right?"
"I couldn't see, there was no light."
"I hold power over your fate."
The answer, PEACE:
"They find out too late."

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