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Best Massage Music available

Often, my clients will ask me, "What's this music you're playing?  It's really relaxing!"

And so I end up letting them know that I spend hundreds of hours looking through music online, finding the best open music that's available for massage.

I've put that music together into compilations of the best massage music, which I now make available to massage therapists through the site  This is a site where massage therapists join and get 60 minutes of massage music, hand-selected by me, every month.

I've also taken the music and made it into straight, uninterrupted, 60 minute tracks.

Because I have a background in both massage and music production, I'm really enjoying helping other massage therapists to get the best massage music.  I'm also exposing new musicians to a new audience that many of them haven't really explored that much... massage therapists!

If you're interested in getting the best massage music, definitely drop by and listen to some of the samples over there.

The rest of this page is what I used to recommend to friends and clients as the best massage music, before I started MusicOfMassage.

What is the best massage and relaxation music?

Now bear in mind that these music recommendations are just my opinion, and I'm always listening to new music.  As a practicing massage therapist and meditator, I have listened to lots of music, and found a lot of music which is soothing to my mind and body.  I use this relaxing music during my massage sessions, at times when I want something transcendental, and on days when I just want to mellow-out!  That music is also the music I recommend here for practitioners of all kinds: Massage Therapists, mind-body medicine specialists, transcendental meditation instructors and students, relaxation response instructors and students, M.D.'s, D.O.'s, dentists, and anyone else looking for great music for the purpose of relaxation.  For your convenience, all of the album covers below link to, where you can purchase this music.

Enya       Vangelis        Ray Lynch       David Arkenstone      Brian Eno     Steven Haplern


  • Enya is one of the world's best-known female artists of the '90's, having sold an astonishing 60 million albums worldwide.
  • Enya made her WEA debut in 1988 with the universally acclaimed album Watermark, which has passed 10 million sales worldwide, and has gone platinum in 14 different countries.
  • "Orinoco Flow," taken from Watermark, was a hit in every country in which it was released.
  • The follow-up album, Shepherd Moons, was even more successful, selling an amazing 11 million copies worldwide.
  • She has been nominated for five Grammy Awards, winning The Best New Age Album for Shepherd Moons in 1992, The Memory Of Trees in 1996, and A Day Without Rain in 2002.
  • In 1997, Enya released a 'Best Of...' collection entitled Paint The Sky With Stars, which featured two new tracks.  Selling 8.5 million copies worldwide, the album took Enya's total world album sales to 44 million, including 3.5 million in the UK and over 12 million in the U.S.  Paint The Sky With Stars is perennially in the top 100 catalogue albums in the U.S.
  • Enya's total sales have propelled her to the position of Ireland's best-selling solo artist ever.
  • Her music first came to prominence after appearing in the major BBC TV series, The Celts.  Since then Enya's music has graced several major films, including L.A. Story, Green Card, the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film Far And Away and Martin Scorcese's Age Of Innocence.
  • Although fronted by Enya, the music released under her name is the result of a collaboration between Enya, producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan.  Enya has previously stated that without any one of them, 'Enya' would not exist.
  • With 60 million albums sold since 1988's Watermark, this means that Enya has sold an average of over 10,000 albums per day.  That works out to about 12 copies during the time it takes to read these facts.
    Special Thanks to for providing these factoids.

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Vangelis is a famous Greek composer and keyboardist.   Vangelis composes and performs mainly instrumental music and film scores. During his career he has flirted with many genres and has proved to be very hard to categorize. The music of Vangelis has been filed as "synthesizer music", "new age", "progressive rock", "Symphonic rock", "Space music", "electronic music", etc. etc. None of those terms is spot on and his output is too varied to catch in one word.

He was born as "Evanghelos Odyssey Papathanassiou" on March 29th, 1943 in a small town near Volos, Greece. He started playing the piano at the age of 4 and gave his first public performance of his own compositions at the age of 6. During his student years he was an important part of a successful Greek pop band called the "Forminx".  Vangelis moved to Paris in the late sixties while forming the band "Aphrodite's Child", together with singer Demis Roussos and drummer Lucas Sideras. They scored many hits all over Europe. In 1970 the group broke up and Vangelis started a solo career. In '75 he moved to London where he set up the legendary Nemo studio that he used to record many of his famous albums and soundtracks. Most legendary are perhaps the Oscar winning score to "Chariots of Fire" and the ever popular score to Ridley Scott's landmark cult film "Blade Runner". In 1987, Vangelis left London and subsequently recorded music in Athens ("Direct", "Voices"), Rome ("The City") and Paris ("1492").

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Ray Lynch  

It is the communication of deep and profound feeling, at once sensual and transcendent, that lies at the heart of Ray Lynch's musical sensibility. His compositions proceed with elegance and balance, structured in the classical sense rather than improvised. And yet he's highly non traditional in other ways; for example, Ray freely experiments with unconventional sounds, which he combines with his unique mix of superbly recorded acoustic and electronic instruments.

Like any fiercely authentic artist, Ray defies categorization. A classically trained guitarist and lutenist specializing in early and Renaissance music, Ray Lynch was one of the first serious musicians to embrace the use of new musical technologies, pioneering their application in combination with a full range of acoustic instruments, to create melodic, highly emotional musical recordings.

Ray is committed to his music with uncompromising depth, honesty, and excellence. Some musicians never listen to their own recordings, but Ray is not satisfied with a recording unless it pleases him so thoroughly that he can listen to it for pleasure, again and again. Although much contemporary music is played in the background, Ray's music reveals many of its most delightful dimensions when it is listened to actively and played loud.

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David Arkenstone   




California's David Arkenstone blends global, cinematic, and rock elements into his new age sonic tapestries. A music lover since the age of ten, when he moved to California from Chicago, Arkenstone has immersed himself in all kinds of music, and played keyboard and guitar in numerous bands from his youth.

It was when he discovered the lush arrangements and exotic approach of Kitaro that Arkenstone ventured into new age music. The increasing synergy between computer technology and musical instruments also inspired him; most of his works were created partly or entirely on his Macintosh along with synthesizers and guitars. This blend of electro-acoustic textures is showcased on albums like 1998's Book of Days, and works from his other project, Troika. Arkenstone returned in mid-2000 with Caravan of Light. Frontier followed a year later. In 2002, Arkenstone had two Grammy nominations and several Billboard new age smash hits under his belt. The legacy continued with the release of Sketches From An American Journey in June 2002. Thanks to Heather Phares from for this information about Arkenstone.

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Brian Eno  

Who is Brian Eno?

Perhaps best known as a musician and producer, Brian Eno is also an artist, professor and thinker. Music-wise, even if you haven't heard any of his records, you may have heard his production contributions to albums by rock legends U2 and/or David Bowie. In other media, his music sometimes appears in films (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Heat), television programs and commercials, and the Windows 95 start-up sound.

What kind of music does he create?

Enoweb tried all the airy-fairy descriptions that they could think of to describe Brian Eno's music, but it narrows down to this: 1. Songs. 2. Instrumental or ambient pieces. 3. Unclassifiable.

What Eno albums would you recommend?

Some of my favorite Brian Eno albums are to the left.  If you really want a chance to escape, mellow out, or just really relax, the first two albums are Ambient Albums, and are really great for that purpose.

Many thanks to EnoWeb for this information on Brian Eno

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Steven Halpern  

Best Massage Music available
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