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StriVectin- SD (Better than Botox?)

StriVectin- SD (Better than Botox?)

20% OFF and FREE Shipping!How to use:Begin with clean, dry skin. Apply StriVectin-SD three times daily (do not exceed three applications per 24-hour period). Use sparingly. StriVectin-SD is a concentrated formula. Vigorously massage StriVectin-SD into the target area, using a circular motion, until completely absorbed. Penetrates almost immediately, leaving your skin youthful, smooth, and silky.  Helps stretching of the skin, reducing the appearance, frequency, and overall look of stretch marks.

StriVectin- SD (Better than Botox?)

Although StriVectin-SD was already backed by clinical trials documenting its ability to visibly reduce the depth, length, discoloration and roughness of existing stretch marks, the success of StriVectin-SD as an anti-wrinkle cream was "dumb luck;" says Gina Gay, spokesperson for Klein-Becker, StriVectin-SD's exclusive distributor.

"When we first handed out samples of the StriVectin formula to employees and customers as part of our market research, the sample tubes were simply marked 'topical cream' with the lot number underneath. Ms.Gay explains.

"As the samples were passed to friends and family, the message became a little muddled and some people used this 'topical cream' as a facial moisturizer for stretch marks, and to increase moisture of their skin. As we began to receive feedback from users, like 'I look 10 years younger' and 'my crows' feet are gone; we knew we had something more than America's most effective stretch-mark reducer. The point was driven home as store owners began reporting that almost as many people were purchasing StriVectin as an anti-wrinkle cream as were buying it to reduce stretch marks."

Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Klein-Beckel's Director of Scientific Affairs, says, "Clearly, people were seeing results, but we didn't have a scientific explanation as to why this wrinkle-reduction was occurring. However, based on the incredibly positive reports, I started using it myself - applying StriVectin to my face after shaving:' Dr. Mowrey adds, "On a personal note, my wife tells me I haven't looked this good in years.  The stretch marks are going away and I feel pleased with the results."


StriVectin- SD (Better than Botox?)
Strivectin SD Cream

Clinical Studies
Recent reports demonstrate that the isolates of Strivectin SD
are effective in an amazing 93% of people using the product in the test.  What this means is that more than nine out of ten users show significant improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks after using Strivectin.

Decreased the depth of indentions in the skin
Increased stimulation of collagen synthesis
Corrected skin coloration irregularities
Decreased the length (of stretch marks)
Increased the smoothness of the skin
Increased the thickness of the skin
Increased the firmness of the skin

Strivectin SD uses a combination of agents, elasticizers, and skin hydrators, all designed to address every issue of stretch mark repair.

StriVectin- SD (Better than Botox?)

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StriVectin-SD (Better than Botox?)
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