To set your screen settings to 1024*768

First off, you can change this at any time, so if you want to change it back, it's not a big deal.

PC Users

Minimize all your open windows (go to the far right hand corner of the screen and click the line, not the X or the boxes).

You should then see your desktop.

Right click on your desktop.

A menu comes up.  Drag down to "Properties".

A window will open called "Display Properties" with several tabs at the top.

Click the tab that says "settings"

You will then see boxes to set "colors" and "screen settings."

Slide the screen settings slider until it says 1024 * 768 Pixels.

Click apply or OK.

A Display Properties warning message comes up, click okay.

Your screen might go dark for a minute, and then your new settings should take effect.

If they do not, it means that your monitor or computer can't handle the graphics, but with most newer computers (post-1998), this shouldn't be an issue.