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18 Mai

On Friday night, I had a great evening eating too much pizza with Americans and a girl named Tatiana from Russia, and then I went and hung out with lots of people from all over on the 8th floor of Hermann Ehler's House, where the Irish girls were having a celebration for St. Patrick's Day!  It was awesome and really made for a wonderful evening!

NOTE:  All of today's pictures are borrowed from Colleen's online picture directory at

Click the Webshots logo to check out more of her pictures!

Mike (New Jersey/Colorado) explains his plan for the next four years of his term.

Alan and Kurt (Colorado)

Thanks for letting me borrow your pictures Colleen (Correct me if I'm wrong here--Michigan)!  
On the right is me fixing the corkscrew.  It got broken.  But we got it fixed.

Mike and Tassie (Wisconsin)

Kurt, Angela, Colleen, Jonathan

Here's the deal.  You break the corkscrew, you buy the corkscrew!


Thanks for the pizza evening! 
(Who would have ever thought to put tuna fish on pizza before coming to Germany?)

Then we went upstairs to the 8th floor party put on by the girls from Ireland.    They made Apple and Rhubarb things...probably what we would call cobbler, though a bit different, they did step dancing (in this tiny room filled with people), and we all sang songs from our own countries.  Of course, the ones from the states were things like "I Can't Get No Satisaction." and "Louie Louai" and "Take Me Out To the Ball Game."  It was a blast!

Jill (Colorado) was a bit sleepy at this point.  Of course the picture was probably taken about 2:30 AM.

Left to right: Annie (Ireland), Aisling (Ireland), Katie (Minnesota) and Zoe (Great Britain), Colleen in front.

Everybody's getting a bit sleepy!  Zoe, Tatum (Canada), Brian (Wyoming)

I am certified in Massage Therapy, which Brian (right) knew, so he asked if I would give Tatum a five minute quick massage, so I did.  If you are in Germany now, and are interested in receiving a massage, please visit my massage page for more information and for times I'm available.

There are too many people here to name everyone, but there are 7 different countries represented in this photo!  Pretty cool I think!

After the party, I came outside to find that my bike had been stolen.  This is the 2nd bike that I have had stolen.  They didn't snip the lock this time because the lock was not snippable.  They must have simply carried the bike off, with the lock still on, since I locked the back tire so that it couldn't move.  2 bikes in two months stolen.  I'm pretty bothered about that.  So I walked back to the was nice of Kurt and Jenny to ride along with me!  

A little word of advice to any future travelers to Oldenburg.  Even if there are 800 other bikes sitting around, lock your bike to something.  Buy a good lock, and make sure that every time you leave it somewhere, it is locked to a railing, post, or something else that will be impossible to remove your bike from.  You don't want to be one of us who has had bikes stolen...  Steffan from Bulgaria has had two stolen, Mindy from Wisconsin has had one stolen, and now I've had two stolen as well.

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