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May 13th and 14th


My Oma and Great Aunt Susie had told me that my ancestors were buried in the Jewish cemetery in Twistringen.  So I got online and went to, and found out that there is a train which runs from Bremen to Twistringen.  So on May 13 (Mother's Day) I got on a train and rode into Bremen.  From there I took the train to Twistringen, which was a great train ride.  The fields were full of these yellow flowers which are used to make mustard and oil, and the aroma on the train was wonderful!  

I got off the train in Twistringen, which is quite a small town (around 30,000 people), and started walking.  I found a tankstelle (gas station) where I stopped and asked a couple of nice girls where the Jewish Friedhof was.  They called a friend who gave me these directions.

Go to the end of the street, turn right.  Go two stop lights further, take a left.  Go three rights further, take a right.  Take the street all the way around.  Then there will be a forest and a crossing in the road on the right.  On the left will be the cemetery.

So I started walking.  And just when I was absolutely sure I was lost (about an hour later), I happened across the cemetery.

To sit in the place of your lineage is a powerful and wonderful experience.  I hope that everyone gets that opportunity in their lifetime!   


These are the fields of wonderful flowers I am telling you about in my letter Brittany!


The second day that I went, I found a map in the city.  The cemetery is circled.  Hope this helps any future visitors.  



The town of Twistringen


The cemetery sits in the middle of this cluster of trees after you walk up a long dirt road.

The cemetery is like something out of a movie.  It sits in the middle of a wood and is a really peaceful place.  I really enjoyed my time here.  I took pictures of the'll see a couple that I spent a while with cleaning the name, and it's a lot easier to see than the others.  I spent two days here, since it was free for me to go from Oldenburg to Twistringen with my semester ticket.  It was a truly wonderful day!

This map below is clickable.  When you click a number (11-33), it will take you to the picture of that headstone, and an explanation of it if it was possible for me to read the headstone.


11  These two headstones were too worn to read.  The one on the right actually looked like it might have been desecrated by someone somewhere along the way.


12  It is unclear as to whether these graves were really Russians or not.  The one on the right looks to still be empty, even though the rock says "Drei Russische Kriegsgefangne" (Three Russian Prisoners of War).  My Oma told me that it is quite likely that these were Russian prisoners buried in a Jewish cemetery, since the Russians wouldn't have been buried alongside the Germans in their cemeteries.


13 Three Russian prisoners of war.


14 This is the plot where we think my great great grandparents are buried, though it is unclear exactly because the headstones have been removed, presumably by the Nazis. (The headstones on the left and right.)  The one in the middle is the next headstone.


15  This one was very difficult to read.  It had sunken into the ground considerably, and was written in Hebrew and the old style of German, both of which I don't read.  All I could make out was Ruhestadt M----   A----

16  Looking at the plot where Meyer J Goldschmidt is buried (back), and where #18 is buried (front).

17  The opposite side of Meyer J Goldschmidt's grave. (#19)  Most of the headstone has been broken off.  




"lieber Schwester

Frau M------ Scholz

geb Lindenberg

aus (Goldenhedh?)

ges. (Gestorben-died) 3. Jan. 1844

geh. (geheiratet-married) 18. Aug. 1835 

 If anyone can make out anymore of this headstone, please email it to me.  



"Hier Ruht unser geliebter Vater

Meyer J Goldschmidt

geb. 10 Mai 1848

gest. 19 Feb 1921"

Most of the headstone has been broken off.




unseres lieben Vaters

Joseph Meier Goldschmidt

geb. d. 9. Maerz 1870.

gst. d. 7. Mai 1877.

Mit gedenken der.......


in unserer Dankbarkeit"

(If anyone can read more of what it says on the bottom part of this--partially worn--please let me know.)



"(Glilr?) Goldschmidt






This one has been worn and broken off.  Was too difficult to read.



"Hier ruht in Gott

Elise Goldberg

geb. Goldschmidt

geb. 5. Mai 1822

gest. 24. Juni 1902"



"Hier ruht

Helene Goldschmidt

gbn. Goldberger

geb. d. 9. April 1816.

gest. d. 18. Febr. 1897.


Presumably, whoever Helene was married to was buried here.  However, the headstone has been broken off.



ruht in Gott

Nathan Bondix


geb. d. 27 Januar


gest. d. 6. Januar





Caroline Cohn

geb. Jacob

gest. 2. Juli 1872

im Alter von 92 Jahrer.



Impossible to tell whose grave stone this was.  It has been completely removed.



Hier ruht in Gott

Sarah Goldschmidt

(Verhittnete--perhaps a Platt Deutsch word for Verheiratet meaning married or something to do with being divorced???) Rosenthal

geborene Bergmann

gestorben d. 12ten Februar

1876 im Alter von 63 Jahren

Falls irgendjemand kann es besser lesen, bitte eine email schicken!



Hier ruht in Gott

Nathoine Meyer


gest. 20. Januar 1869

im Alter von 68 Jahren


Bernhard Goldschmidt

geb. d. 24 Novb.


gest d. 29 Januar


Bernhard was only 3 years old.



Meier Phillip


geb 19 Januar 1753

gest 31 Mai 1839.

One of the (perhaps the) oldest headstone in the cemetery.





Heir Ruht

Mein 1. Mann

unser guter Vater

Meyeer H. Goldschmidt

geb. 1. Sept 1843

gest 13 Sept 1901.



Hier ruht

unsere gute Mutter

-------- Goldschmidt

geb. (sehilft?)

geb. 25. Juni 1846

gest. 2. Maerz 1908

Theresa Meyer Goldschmidt



It was really a wonderful couple of days, and was an honor to get to experience a place of such peacefulness and tranquility.


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