September 11, 2002
By Lynde Berg (14)

One year ago, lives were changed forever. 

When the planes from the east coast were taken over by people who thought the U.S.A. needed to lose something good: life.


Every day, you can look out a window and see how the attacks on our world have changed us as a nation. When you look out that window you will see flags in front of peoples' houses flying proudly for our nation. Our country is more open and willing to help one another. Someone can try to take lives away but the people who were lost will always be around. Their lives made a difference to someone somewhere. No matter how hard one tries to take something away from us, our nation as a whole only works harder to stay "One Nation Under God." America is about freedom and as long as we work together that will never go away.

Our lives were changed that day and it shows in our education, music, television shows, and families. Families have grown closer together and now they tell each other that they love each other more than they ever would have.


 On the radio I heard a story about a firefighter's family.  His daughter saw a flag and said, "Look Mommy, they are flying a flag for Daddy."  So you can see that peoples' lives really did change, and the people who died that day really are heroes. God will always have a special place for them and we should too.


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