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The Colorado German American Chamber of Commerce
bullet A listing (not unlike this one) of great places to go for information about Germany and Germans
bullet LinguaWeb has online language resources for both students and teachers.
bullet The German pages within Lingua Web http://www.linguaweb.ndirect.co.uk/pages/germlev1.htm
bullet Interactive web exercises, animated grammar presentations, audio enhanced vocabulary lessons, and select links to sites in German-speaking countries.  Designed for German language learners, teachers and travelers who want to get the most out of the Internet for foreign language learning.
bullet An awesome resource site, provides some amazing help to teachers and students.  Check this one out!
bullet If you're going to Germany any time soon, this site can help you with basic phrases and terms which can get you around in the country a bit easier.
bullet Extra Practice in German can come quite easily with this little game!  Go out here and fill out the crossword puzzles.  (BONUS:  Bring in a completed "kreuzwortstrassel" (print it out) for 10 points extra credit, regardless of whether or not you have all of your work in.)
bullet Great site for Extra Credit Opportunities... Go to the site, check it out, and talk to Mr. Kraft about your extra credit idea.  Over 250 Jokes, Almost 200 Tongue-twisters, Over 800 "Bauernregeln," Palindromes, Almost 2800 Self-correcting Exercises and Worksheets.
bullet Just as the web site name says... this site is all about Germany and Germans.  Amazing opportunities to learn the language here (and also for extra credit.)

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