Projects I have done for people on Fiverr include Poems, 3D Book Covers, 3D CD Covers, and SEO Site Analysis Videos. (Poem)
The Gift Room (Poem)
Always, Persist (Poem)
Even Ice Cream (Poem)
The Art In The Ice (Poem)
Facts About Goats (Poem)
A Goat Named Billy(Poem)
All Wax With The All Blacks (Poem)
Redneck Wine Glasses (Poem)
Poems For Justine (Poem)
Two Years Of Thanks (Poem)
The Forgotten Art Of Typography (Poem)
Hello Toutou (Poem)
Tossed On The Wind Like A Feather (Poem - with audio)
A Mother's Day Poem for a spa in New Zealand called Precious Beauty Therapy (Poem)
A Stag Party (Bachelor Party) Scavenger Hunt (Poem)
A Birthday Invitation Poem written for kids named Saha and Asha (Poem)
Mothers And Children (Poem)
Thanks For Your Review (Poem)
A Hen Party (Bachelorette Party) Scavenger Hunt (Poem)
For Autumn (Poem)
Choosing And Moving (Poem)
Ever Custom Note (An Application) (Poem)
Clues For An Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Poem)
On Fullness: A Poem for a New Mom To Be (Poem)
Olympics and Beauty Therapy (Poem)
Even In The Darkness (Poem)
Flexing Families (Poem)
In Brazil (My Heart Burns In The Samba) (Poem)
For Tiffany (Poem)
Who's To Say (Poem)

3D Book Covers
- Daily Spiritual Tools

SEO/Site Analysis Videos

- Few Stones IT/Cloud Consulting
- Front Range Dental Center: (Click to watch (110 MB download) - Windows Media WMV)
- RockYourPTBusiness (3 WMV videos): Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 
- Champaign Wishes and Caviar Dremes (2 WMV videos): Video 1 | Video 2
- Superior Shine: WMV Video
- Shamrock Marketing: WMV Video
- Ventti: WMV Video
- Pink Rhino: WMV Video
- Canberra Hair Salon (Paid for the upgraded service): WMV Video | Canberra Hair Salon 2

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