Featured Impact

Just what is this featured impact?
     Strive4impact.com's primary purpose is to give you ways to make a difference in yourself and in the world.  People should be rewarded for doing the most that they can in their lives, so strive4impact.com features individuals and/or groups that are doing the most to make a difference in the world, their country, state, city, or community.  Also, learning about what other people are doing can often be an inspiration to others!
How often does this featured impact change?
     Approximately monthly.  Some will be up longer than a month, some shorter, but approximately a month.
I know someone/some people who should be featured.  How do I recommend them?
      Send an email to [email protected], and in the subject line, type in "a nomination for featured impact."  In the body of the message, tell who they are, what they do, and why they should be featured.