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What's so important about choosing the best credit card?  Maybe you don't think you qualify for unsecured credit cards due to your bad credit history.  Or perhaps you're just looking for some ways to unload debt onto a cheaper rate credit card.  This page of the site offers links to some of the best credit card providers.  Using some of these credit card  providers may be relevant to what you are looking for, while others of these credit card providers might not have the rate, service, or card you want.  So be sure to look through the descriptions and sign ups, to be sure your credit card is providing the best rates for what you need, and your specific situation.

You could be asking, what are the important criteria in selecting the best credit card?  But the more appropriate question is, what is the best credit card for you?

The first thing you want to know about is your credit.  Your credit rating determines what kinds of rates you can get on credit cards.

If you need a free copy of your credit report, click here
If you need help understanding your credit report, click here
For the best way to repair a 'less than the best' credit rating, click here.

Understanding your credit and the best ways to handle your credit report is very important and one of the best things you can do before getting a card. 

Now that you do understand your credit report, we can move along.  You need to identify your particular situation.  Are you someone who has never had any credit history and you are getting your first credit card?  Is your credit damaged from past credit problems?  (You can read about my difficulties in My Debt Story)  Are you just not happy with your current card and its rates/fees/services and want one that gives you the best for your use of it?

Once you know your situation, you can find the best credit card with the best rate for you.  I would recommend starting with the best credit card search page below and seeing which card fits you.  However, if your credit is good, then one of the three cards below the search page are the cards I would recommend

Best credit card search page
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American Express Blue Card
I like American Express Blue the best because it offers some of the best security features in a credit card (with its included chip), and also has some of the best rates when you qualify for them.

First PREMIER Gold MasterCard´┐Ż
Offers people with 'less than the best credit' a great opportunity to re-build their credit.

Household Bank Gold MasterCard


Ultimately, it's important to remember that credit cards should be used when you're in a bind and need a way out, but not as a means of living.  Once used, cards should be paid off quickly. Do your best to find the best rates before signing up, for what you have been told is the "best credit card."  Read the fine print, because it's what can make the difference between amassing debt you can't explain, and successfully managing debt.

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