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17 Mai


Second time at the stadtmuseum, learning about the history and people of Oldenburg.  On this page, any time there is a small sign next to a photo, it is clickable and readable (auf Deutsch) for those who want to learn more.

An overview of the city of Oldenburg (ca. 1850)

An overview of the city of Oldenburg (ca. 1850)


The Lambertikirche, the most known building in Oldenburg.


This is an altar with incredibly elaborate wood carvings.  Click the sign to learn more.

"Bombardment von Wurzburg" (Click the sign to read more--auf Deutsch)


General Major Wilhelm Gustav Friedrich Wardenburg

"Dietrich der Gluckliche" von Oldenburg (Dietrich the lucky)

Helmets from the time of the Kaiser's army (ca. 1870)


This painting is really incredible.  I felt very overwhelmed looking at it.


The old Rathaus

Richtschwert der Stadt Oldenburg

Der Stau zu Oldenburg

Verwandtenlinien der Stadt Oldenburg

This is the Friedensplatz... the Memorial in front is the memorial for the battle in 1871 against Napoleon, the church in back is the Friedenskirche, a Methodist church.

The class I am taking part in is building an awesome web site for the city museum.  The web page is still in progress, and once it's up, I hope to link it from this page, as well as my index page. 

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