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Find a cheap Guyana calling card.  This page highlights cheap Guyana calling cards and inexpensive calling cards for calling Guyana.
Basic instructions for long distance international calling to Guyana, Europe, Asia, etc. can be found at how to make an international phone call. The top 10 ways to make international long distance calls for much less!

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Guyana prepaid calling cards and other cheap ways to call Guyana.

   Cheapest international calling card calls to Guyana

You may have friends or family in Guyana, and want to keep in touch with them the cheapest ways possible.  I've had a lot of success helping people find the cheapest rates on calling internationally, so I've decided to share what I've learned about making cheap phone card calls to Guyana with you here.   This page also talks about ways to make cheap phone card calls to other countries, and cheap long distance within America, but focuses mostly on the cheapest ways to call Guyana.

The Prefix, or calling code, or routing number, or country code (this goes by many names) for calling Guyana, is +592.

City codes in Guyana include:

  • Bartica 5
  • Georgetown 2
  • New Amsterdam 3

How to make a phone call direct to Guyana from America:

dial 011+ 592 + (City Code) + (NUMBER).  But don't call Guyana direct unless you want to spend a lot of money.  Use a calling card, Skype, or an international dialing number instead.

In addition to international calls to Guyana, great prepaid calling cards for calling within America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, can be found using the calling card search box below.  It will get you great prepaid calling card rates from Noblecom.  They are known for quality service and some of the best rates on prepaid calling cards.

Noblecom Calling Card Search Takes you directly to Noblecom's page with Calling cards for the countries you select, including Guyana
Calling from:
Calling to:

If you're willing to dial a few more numbers, a dial around plan for Guyana can really save you money.

cheapest prepaid calling card and dial around numbersCogniDial Toll Free
Dial Around (6.9 cents/minute to many global destinations, and even cheaper i
nside U.S.A.)

cheapest prepaid calling card plus dial aroundAccuDiaL
works as a calling card - you can take it with you and use it from any other US phone



If you simply want to find a great long distance rate,
use the long distance rate calculator by clicking the red arrow below.

With the best rate calculator and also with VOIP,
you simply type what long distance number you want to call,
and the rate calculator will find you the best rate.

The International best rate calculator will also give you some great rates on a phone card Guyana.
Long distance Cheap - cheap phone cards and calling cards


Another option, if you have a high-speed Internet connection, is to use a VOIP solution.  Using your computer, or a VOIP phone, you can call Europe for less than 4 cents/minute, and often other parts of the world for less than 10 cents/minute.  If you're looking for ways to save money by making VOIP calls from your computer or a VOIP phone to Guyana, or simply want to learn about VOIP phone service, click here.


You can also get comparatively cheap flights to Guyana by using one of these search boxes below.  One will get you the cheapest flight to Guyana  from Orbitz, the other will get you the cheapest rate to Guyana from Hotwire.


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Cheapest international calls to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the middle east


In addition to international calling advice, this page talks about sending SMS' internationally. 

This has been the Phone card Guyana page.  Thank-you for visiting and learning more about the cheapest prepaid phone cards and cheapest prepaid calling cards for Guyana.

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